The resolution of an image and the expectations it generates, the implicit acceptance of fiction to the point of forgetting reality, and our condition as human bodies in public space. A voice of an artificial intelligence, duly trained to be natural in its artificiality, reads the definition of pixel, replacing the word with “person”.

An image flow of very distant celestial bodies downloaded directly from the Kepler satellite. The photos are as they really appear in the lens, that is, as large pixels, which can be broken down into their colors and components using an amateur astronomy software. The animations are actually direct recordings of the images as they are filtered and processed by the software.

It is a "real" aesthetic experience of the space around us, but less "realistic" than what we are used to. A way of looking at distant space to question ourselves about the space we inhabit down here.

Niccolò Moronato
Marcelo Vendramel

Music by Alberto Vieira.